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a new edition of the Alternative School for Creative Thinking is just around the corner. another 15 to be selected and trained.

starting earlier, in order to catch up eurobest festival and dubai lynx as well, as a more efficient training for cannes lions in june 2009.

we are ready to go with hew hopes and dreams, with huge ambitions and passion for creative work. we are expecting you to join and keep up.

this is the best way you can be in touch with advertising and don’t get disappointed! you have to try it for yourself and then you will find the need to prove more and more. great speakers in the industry will guide your way, you will have many seminars to learn from and many briefs to train upon. this is the one chance to mix design, visual, creative media, PR, strategy and branding and become more efficient day by day.

interested? i bet you are.

this is us in 2008. ready to go to cannes lions.

we are expecting colleagues now.

see you soon.


anamaria, electric apple, 15 for Cannes


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the first seminar of the day was The Future of Marketing and Brand Communications, a Young Lions Master Class. by the Global Marketing Officer at Procter & Gamble.

what a great thing to see a man in his position talking so naturally and self-confident about brands and their relationship with customers. this was really the attitude of a man who knows and values not only his work, but also the target it adresses, the people he talks to. we learned that great brands of the world serve a higher ideal than the idea of transaction and that P&G set itself as a personal objective to become a MAGNET CLIENT 5 years ago when they first came to Cannes. they really did it and also impressed us today.  because they have beautiful mind visions, they are open, supportive, trusting.

and one more thing: they don’t pitch. they like to maintain long-term relationships with their agencies. isn’t this a great thing to do within a bilateral process of communication? therefore, maintain close agency-client relationships and also lively contact with consumers. key of success.

anamaria, electric apple, 15forcannes, empowered by Tempo

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Socially responsible advertising is not about rebranding a company, but telling the truth about that company. This is one of my favourite quotes of the day and it came from the DRAFTFCB seminar about the Human Element campaign.

Nowadays, as Mindshare put it, the Y Generation, or the lost generation, is extremely cinical about advertising. Whether we are talking about the “Cruisers“, thoughtful and opinionated but more disillusioned and unhappy, or the “Nesters“, searching for freedom in their insular lives, and even the “Super Breeders“, in their conformist and conservative way, trying to retain their personal identity while staying connected with their friends and local environment.

That’s why Advertising needs to look for it’s DADA, DATA, ALPHA and BETA, as Ogilvy suggested. The lateral thinking in DADA, the metrics and accountability in DATA, the word of mouth spread by the leaders of the pacl, or the ALPHA, and last, but not least, the tests required before launching any campaign, that the BETA talks about, all these should be in the backpack of any advertiser.
All this would not be complete without the most impressive event of today, the SAWA 3D presentation, or how cinemas can keep up with the new media of today and how advertising can surf the wave of 3D movies and 3D cinemas. An incredible presetation, both amusing and insightful, followed by a trailer of “Journey to the Middle of the Earth”, 3D version. I can’t wait to catch it in the cinemas near me.

Besides 3D advertising in cinemas, a very interesting approach to creative media was projecting the results of a campaign from the internet on high buildings with special lights and effects. This would most definitely strike the audience.

This is me, signing off for today and going to the first awards gala… direct marketing and promo… this should be interesting.


Paws Communication, 15forcannes

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Then you are ready to create something original!

I have begun my post by quoting Rick Bono, because this statement opened my day and re-enforced my belief: the world belongs to the ones who dare!

And what a wonderful day for science it was! I especially enjoyed two seminars:”The networkone” and “Proximity”. The networkone offered me the chance to taste 4 delicious study cases about integrate marketing, from 4 different countries: Russia, Brazil, India and China. I really appreciated the chance to admire 4 campaigns which fit perfectly to the culture of the countries they reffered to. I am fascinated by the cultural differences and by the way they are reflected in economical relations and marketing process. The campaigns were a good example for underlining the importance of the local expertise when it comes to  multinational companies. I remebered the “Shared values” campaign whose failure I have analysed and I was really glad to see that an important lesson was learned.

Proximity took me to a journey through consumers’ minds and I was fascinated by all the details the analysis captured. I felt the great flavour of a good research and I began to think about the ways those informations can be used for my future business plans :)).

Great, great day!

Lana, 15 for cannes, powered by tempo


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first thing on our list today was the young lions master class ‘Embracing Change’ held by Rick Boyko, dean of VCU BrandCenter and director of Roger Hatchuel Academy. i was looking into this one, as i would like some time in the near future to get a masters degree there. the guy was great, funny and inspiring. the class was strongly effective as it made us realize how the change actually takes place without even knowing it.

the new reality is not just change, but the acceleration of change was one of the topics he based his presentation on. the speed of the change around us, the ahead of the curve actions we should all of us take nowadays. we watched this ‘Did you know’ video about the surrounding changing world in terms of communication, technology, social life. many conclusions to be drawn and each one can live up to this change in a personal way. but the thing is that each revolutionary idea or strong action will eventually affect us all. put the seatbelts on and not only be prepared, but anticipate. all. anything. everything. each moment. don’t get carried away. start a wave yourself.

‘if MySpace were a country, it would be the 8th largest country in the world’. therefore, try stuff, do things. make it happen. it’s the only way to improve, to make it better. to embrace change.


anamaria, electric apple, 15forCannes – empowered by Tempo

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The seminar frenzy premiered with the Blinkx seminar and what a treat it was.

Federico Grosso warned us that we are going to experience a “hungover of advertising at the end of this festival” but hopefully one of which we won’t want to get rid of anytime soon. 

The tagline of this seminar was: Have we reached advertising Nirvana?, and the answer blinkx provided was “Yes, but…”

The single biggest problem for users nowdays is how to efficiently find content that is relevant. The content has become scattered around so we need assistance to pick up the pieces. This is where blinkx comes in with the most advanced video search engine that uses text-based techniques to help us not miss what we’re looking for. They cleverly transform any spoken word in the video into text making it all the more easy to browse for specific information.

In a videocentric Internet experience Blinkx offers us the gold standard of video search.

Laura, SSS, empowered by Tempo

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human draft

short but sharp. emotional and engaging…and happened just now. the draft fcb seminar was just like a cold refreshing shower , dedicated to us all…the human element. just like a well told story, the DOW Chemical Company campaign has created the carbon, oxygen and other elements in us  turn into pure endorphyne. humanity and chemestry made…alchemy. this is what happends when advertising is telling a truth.unbelivable belivable. the campaign’s image besed on sequences of third world images made me think about the happiness of the poor, the simple and true things and the natural attitude that buys by far any sparkling lie.

Alma. The Quest team. 15 for cannes. empowered by TEMPO



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