The Human Element

One of the most original seminars up to now, here, in Cannes, was held by the Jonathan Harries, worldwide Chief Creative Officer of Draftfcb. Why was it so impressive? Well, in his presentation about the chemistry of socially responsible marketing, he presented the human element as being the link between chemistry and humanity. His speech was actually a story told about humanity and its evolution, and how we bring value to everything we touch.

Chemistry and humanity link with the help of the human element, because this is the only element that keeps us above pure chemistry. Looking from a biological nature, we are a mix of elements. We are never order. But with the help of this human element, we search for order all our life, we try to reach it, we hope and we have a reason in living.

Apart from the information that he shared with us, the seminar was special because of the story-telling. It was a story, told in a calm voice, just like in a cold winter night by the chimney. And it was a story of evolution, of change and of the moment of discovery. It was not only marketing, it was also spiritual, and the auditorium remained in silence for a couple of minutes, to think about what he said. Indeed, a deep, touching speech.

Ingrid, Petit Tango, 15forcannes empowered by tempo


we’re back in track and we’re on the right way.the trend line has been traced and today we’ve just made the first step on it. it’s great to see that Cannes 2008 is so unexpectable different. things are working, evolving, changing and they engage us, as students delegates, consumers and all the other names that we use to define our position as message receptors. stunning how things evolve in one year. just now i was thinking that i would never be sure enough to predict 5 years in this advertising industry of ours.you just can’t tell. the homo sapiens sapiens in advertising is evolving unbelivebly fast. homo 2.0 was last year.now, it’s the homo 2.o + who’s in charge. expect strong arguments.;))

Alma. The Quest team.15 for Cannes.empowered by TEMPO

It`s 2008  and the 55th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival is upon us.

We are here at Cannes, all 15 of us.

Once again empowered by Tempo some lucky young lions get to live the groundbreaking Cannes experience.

 We`re on our way to become fierce players in the market and bring a breath of fresh air in the industry back home.

I am one of the fortunate 4 that got another chance this year along with Alma, Alexandra and Catalina you will hear much more from all of us but also from the incredible other 11 students ready to share Cannes with you.

Stay tunned.




Hello to all of you, I am sure you have been waited for this moment and now it’s finally hapenning: The Kindergarten for Cannes started the selection of the most talented people for the next sections – “Young Creatives Print”, “Young Creatives Cyber”, “Roger Hatchuel Academy”, and of course, the famous “15forCannes” !!

For more detalis,you can visit the Kindergarten’s official blog at www.gradinita.wordpress.com

You can also access The Cannes Lions Romania official site at www.canneslions.ro !

See you there and good luck !


            Now that it’s actually been a while since the Cannes-Lions phenomenon took place, I constantly feel that I should look back. It’s like I’ve missed something or like I miss something right now. It’s like I have to review and see once more that experience. Now that it’s getting far and far away from the present and getting into the memory of the past , I’m still wondering how it just doesn’t get smaller. You know the fact that when you move from a place to another you have to leave one place to get to the other. So ,you leave one behind ,and looking back it turns smaller and smaller till it confuses itself with the horizon line. Well, this basic ,normal and physically trusted thing doesn’t happen to me in this case. The Cannes experience lives up to the present in its entire formula. It’s there. Far behind but close near. Now ,I find the duty to ask myself why? Which are the possible rational reasons? I try finding them behind the simple question: Did my memory evolve or the Cannes experience absorbed the best of it? I’d rather think twice and argument the second choice. And…admit that my inner memory is full of :consumer generated content, the digital age,, the niche groups ,the new media, the engagement, the power of the new found big idea and all that.              Helping myself with another question in order to get an answer, I wonder …how it didn’t diminish its consistence. It’s like eating out of an ice-cream mug that never finishes. I find the light in remarking that the so called trends that we were warned with still resist. We just began living their era, and they shall long live further ,as they won’t change but evolve. So, then where’s my fear? It may be in the fact that I feel to do something with heritage that I’ve received. I feel that I’m ready enough to make this work on it’s bare feet, step by step. I need the practice that abuses theory. I just cannot sit and hug this great ideas , but use them and see them work, or at least try them. It’s like going shopping for a pair of shoes. You see them , you like them, they have your number, you don’t have the money to buy them ,but you put them on your “must have list”. The second day you come with the money and if you are lucky enough ,they’re still there waiting for you. You get excited, buy them and come back home, do a few steps and put them back in their box and then in your closet. The next day you think of wearing them but you think that they are “too” new “or it’s maybe not the occasion. And the time rushes as ever and they outgrow you. Many words indeed for just one meaning. This is my fear : not living the post- Cannes moment in it’s full size and not using what I’ve gained, not trying my new shoes on today.

Trend no 3

Time for GoViral`s trend no 3 : From broadcasting to narrowcasting

Utilize the potential of new formats – New formats will be needed in order to meet the user`s needs  and the needs of the analysts, media buyers, producers, marketers, webmasters, editors and media owners.

Make users the distributors –   Wanting to help others is a basic human need. Help your users to help others.

Focus on relevant niche channels – Never underestimate the effect of niche media. Users do not come to  you – you have to meet the users where they gather.

Create ‘micro experiences’ through contextual placements – Content itself, or the presentation of it, should always reflect the context it is seen in.

Ensure that your activities can be tracked – Monitor and track engagement – not just awareness. This is where the value is.

At the end of this three-episode keypoints storytelling I would like to congratulate the GoViral team, especially Kristofer who took the time to thank us several times, and who knows, maybe in the near future we will actually see them holding a seminar or something in Bucharest…  🙂

Best regards,



Viciously nice

I wanted to watch again some of the films I liked at the Saatchi &Saatchi Gutsy New Directors’ Showcase and I noticed the link on the official site wasn’t working anymore. So don’t click it. It won’t work, I tell you. Believe me. So I naturally looked for the reel on other websites and found this: Heresanidea.com. If you don’t mind the small (really small!) resolution, you can watch the clips there.


And since I saw them once more (and then a couple more times for some) I figured I should let you know what I thought about them. Well, the showcase deserves to be one of the most attended events at Cannes, because it promotes the Crème de la Crème of the young talent available in directing. Why is this important for advertising? you might ask. Wasn’t there a digital revolution going on? Wasn’t the 30-seconds ad dying in a ditch somewhere? Well, that depends. First of all, few people at the Festival decreed the death of TV advertising. Secondly, not all films are on TV. And here’s the part I liked:

I was surprised to see this clip in the showcase. Lev Yilmaz is a very popular “director” and all of his works (entitled Tales of mere existence) have considerable views online. I said used inverted commas when calling him director, because he is first of all an animator, although he might write the dialogs for his short-films. In any case, I recommend watching all his films. Why? Well, besides the fact that the films show viciously subtle humor, you can imagine how great it is for a YouTube user to be showcased at Cannes.

Also, here’s a clip for a very popular song at this year’s festival (Stefan knows). I’m not crazy about the song, but the effects used are remarkable.

This ad for Nike Air shows some touching footage (most of which sport fans remember) and has a very fine and well-know song by Johnny Cash as a soundtrack, but the idea of the ad itself (revealed in the last seconds) is pretty blunt and not at all well-delivered. That would explain why it won no awards in Cannes this year.There were other good films there. We’ll see what they’re about some other time.