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a new edition of the Alternative School for Creative Thinking is just around the corner. another 15 to be selected and trained.

starting earlier, in order to catch up eurobest festival and dubai lynx as well, as a more efficient training for cannes lions in june 2009.

we are ready to go with hew hopes and dreams, with huge ambitions and passion for creative work. we are expecting you to join and keep up.

this is the best way you can be in touch with advertising and don’t get disappointed! you have to try it for yourself and then you will find the need to prove more and more. great speakers in the industry will guide your way, you will have many seminars to learn from and many briefs to train upon. this is the one chance to mix design, visual, creative media, PR, strategy and branding and become more efficient day by day.

interested? i bet you are.

this is us in 2008. ready to go to cannes lions.

we are expecting colleagues now.

see you soon.


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