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first thing on our list today was the young lions master class ‘Embracing Change’ held by Rick Boyko, dean of VCU BrandCenter and director of Roger Hatchuel Academy. i was looking into this one, as i would like some time in the near future to get a masters degree there. the guy was great, funny and inspiring. the class was strongly effective as it made us realize how the change actually takes place without even knowing it.

the new reality is not just change, but the acceleration of change was one of the topics he based his presentation on. the speed of the change around us, the ahead of the curve actions we should all of us take nowadays. we watched this ‘Did you know’ video about the surrounding changing world in terms of communication, technology, social life. many conclusions to be drawn and each one can live up to this change in a personal way. but the thing is that each revolutionary idea or strong action will eventually affect us all. put the seatbelts on and not only be prepared, but anticipate. all. anything. everything. each moment. don’t get carried away. start a wave yourself.

‘if MySpace were a country, it would be the 8th largest country in the world’. therefore, try stuff, do things. make it happen. it’s the only way to improve, to make it better. to embrace change.


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