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Socially responsible advertising is not about rebranding a company, but telling the truth about that company. This is one of my favourite quotes of the day and it came from the DRAFTFCB seminar about the Human Element campaign.

Nowadays, as Mindshare put it, the Y Generation, or the lost generation, is extremely cinical about advertising. Whether we are talking about the “Cruisers“, thoughtful and opinionated but more disillusioned and unhappy, or the “Nesters“, searching for freedom in their insular lives, and even the “Super Breeders“, in their conformist and conservative way, trying to retain their personal identity while staying connected with their friends and local environment.

That’s why Advertising needs to look for it’s DADA, DATA, ALPHA and BETA, as Ogilvy suggested. The lateral thinking in DADA, the metrics and accountability in DATA, the word of mouth spread by the leaders of the pacl, or the ALPHA, and last, but not least, the tests required before launching any campaign, that the BETA talks about, all these should be in the backpack of any advertiser.
All this would not be complete without the most impressive event of today, the SAWA 3D presentation, or how cinemas can keep up with the new media of today and how advertising can surf the wave of 3D movies and 3D cinemas. An incredible presetation, both amusing and insightful, followed by a trailer of “Journey to the Middle of the Earth”, 3D version. I can’t wait to catch it in the cinemas near me.

Besides 3D advertising in cinemas, a very interesting approach to creative media was projecting the results of a campaign from the internet on high buildings with special lights and effects. This would most definitely strike the audience.

This is me, signing off for today and going to the first awards gala… direct marketing and promo… this should be interesting.


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